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hey hi there welcome to my personal website!
no clue how you ended up here but enjoy your stay. ^_^
i mainly use this site to write about things i like so that my brain doesn't fucking explode (and bc i'm sick of modern social media). thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave a message or a link to your own site! :^)
here take a slice of cake on the go:

* made in firefox on a 1920 x 1080 screen. (it looks fucked in chrome sorry)
* warning for autoplay music and flashing gifs.

♫: Yume 2kki OST - Power Plant


6 may 2024: New version of the graphics page is up! on a more personal note, i don't think i'll be active for a while since my cat passed away yesterday. rest easy little guy <3
18 apr 2024: The sitemap is done! :]
16 apr 2024: Added a 404 page finally after 2 years lol. sitemap will be up soon too.
14 apr 2024: New blog entry! it's about the 3DS and some other stuff. also added some more silly cats.
10 mar 2024: Added a dedicated page for silly cat images 👍
6 jan 2024: Finally updated the yume 2kki screenshot page. sorry for not being active recently, i have a lot of things planned for the site but lately i've been really busy with uni stuff T-T
11 oct 2023: Made a halloween theme for the homepage. happy spooky month!!
28 aug 2023: Site is now a member of the Psycho Helmet Webring !
i also made a page for some of my collections.
27 aug 2023: Home page version 3.0 is done!! i'm still not 100% happy with it, but at least it's a lot more organized now ^_^ (plus i'll be adding more secrets soon.....)
11 aug 2023: Been a while! i finally redid my fav character page so it actually includes my favorite characters lol. i have a lot of updates planned so stay tuned :]
11 jun 2023: New blog entry! also happy pride month everyone :^)
1 may 2023: Rambles page is finally up!! im actually so happy with how it turned out hahah, will be adding more blog posts very soon!
10 apr 2023: I redid the home page yippee!!! i'm really happy with it in comparison to the old one :] also the guestbook is finally up and there's a new poll!
28 mar 2023: Finally redid the godawful code of my about page bc holy shit it sucked lmao. it was the first page i coded and ive learned a lot in the meantime so uh yeah.
29 jan 2023: Site is now part of the pokering :^)
25 jan 2023: Remade the graphics page. will probably update it again in the future though
22 jan 2023: Added the links/resources page ^^
16 jan 2023: Updated the home page! much happier with it rn :^) im thinking of uploading the original one as preservation, but we'll see if i ever get to that lol
09 jan 2023: I added my collection of stamps, blinkies, etc to the graphics page! it still looks kinda shit lol but itll do for now
08 jan 2023: Site is now part of the yesterwebring! i also added the scoutzone (sorry in advance)
02 jan 2023: After like 9 months i finally finished the home page(!!) the about page is also up. next up will be the links and graphics


  • ✦ add alt text
  • ✦ finish new about page
  • ✦ update rpgmaker horror blog post
  • ✦ fix issues with chrome
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